Whatever you do,or dream
you can do, begin it.

Sally Ashworth founded York NLP to provide specialist NLP professional and personal development services to organisations and to individuals.

Who are we?
York NLP is an informal network of specialist NLP consultants, trainers and pschotherapists based in North East England. (See Links)

We are leaders in the field of human change and transformation and believe that putting people first is a route to collective success and well-being. We are passionate about enabling people to be resourceful and to access the best within themselves. Our approach is guided by integrity, excellence and fascination at the potential for people to grow.

What do we offer?
We enable businesses and organisations to develop people in a way that maximises their impact, their focus and their performance.

For individuals the benefits of professional or personal development can be:

  • Measurable successes and benefits
  • Greater authenticity of being
  • New choices for people
  • Better quality of life
  • New paths to health and wellness

How do we work?
We have a variety of approaches to developing people involving trainings, workshops or individual sessions. We work with teams towards specific development needs and offer in-house and open trainings. As experienced negotiators and facilitators our presence can assist the most challenging change programmes. We are qualified Psychotherapists who have experience of working with a wide range of clinical issues.

The chaos theory

When a butterfly flaps its wings a tiny change is produced in the atmosphere, which could, over time, cause a tornado to occur elsewhere.
Every word, thought and deed we manifest has a significant impact on our lives and those of others.
When we make small changes to our words, thoughts and deeds we can change our impact to invite life to deliver our deepest desires.

inspiring and supporting change